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Group assignments.

One of my biggest pet peeves is working with people in class that have absolutely no input in the discussion or assignment. It is so simple to pay attention during class to really understand what you are required to do.. So why is this so hard for some people?

It is very ironic that this happened in my Sociology class today. You’re learning about social behaviors, however some do not even understand the basics. My advice is to please give as many ideas and input as possible when working in a group. You will gain so much more respect from others in your group and they will be more willing to work with you. This is why I have learned to do just this. I understand that some lack social interaction skills, especially if you are a timid person, but this is necessary when being in school and in the end you will have a better understanding of the content. Just relax, no one is judging you as much as you think they are and all ideas are welcome! Trust me :)

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