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Networking is KEY

I advise any and every one who attends college to get involved in something, whether it be a club, an organization, or a program. You truly have no idea how many opportunities you are presented unless you are doing so and getting involved at school. I have learned the skill of networking, along with many other valuable skills in my past few years of being at York College. 

What made me think about this was a meeting I had earlier today with a York College Alumni. We met at a nearby Starbucks - which was MUCH needed. I basically spoke with her about the improvements of York College over the years, her current career, her future plans with her career, her education at York, and internship opportunities. I met her because she is an alumni of my sorority and she contacted me a few months ago asking me if I was interested in doing an internship with the business she just opened here in York. Despite the fact that I am not currently able to do an internship with her business, I am still continuing to network. I am using my resources to gain contacts for the future, such as when I am looking for a career after graduation.

SO, the point is, get involved. Being apart of Theta Phi Alpha has connected me with so many alumni who I am constantly getting advice from and information on future opportunities. Networking is a great strategy for getting your foot in the door. Friendly relationships with people may be necessary, especially for those hidden job opportunities that are not advertised. You never know who you might meet along the way during your college years. Take advantage of the different types of organizations York College has to offer!

"The way of the world is meeting people through other people."
Robert Kerrigan

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